Brightness Buddy Screen Dimmer

Brightness Buddy lets you control the backlight of your desktop monitors (as well as laptop monitors and some TVs). This utility can control the brightness of most monitors and TVs. (Any 'Display Data Channel' enabled device).

  • Desktop backlight and laptop backlight control
  • Gamma ramp fallback if monitor does not support backlight controls
  • Looks like an official Windows tray control
  • Multimonitor support
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Version History

  • v0.9.7
    • All monitor devices now show up correctly after restart.
  • v0.9.6
    • More consistant appearance with host operating systems.

Backlight Compatibility List

These monitors are reported to work or not work by users of Brightness Buddy. Please report your monitor's compatibility by sending an email to

Reported as Working


  • 2007FP


  • HZ281HPB


  • NS-24EM51A14

Reported as Not Working


  • CMV 221D